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Herbert Bartmann: air studies
Huemmelchen study on air and sound

Digital Single 2022 | Youtube

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Herbert Bartmann: Der Drucker druckt
Piece for inkjet printer, speaking voice, synthesizer, snare drum, timpani and cymbal

Digital Single 2022 | Video

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Bartmann Grunau: seventyone:fiftyfour
three movements for double reeds & electronics

Digital Album 2020

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Gerd Constapel & Herbert Bartmann: Stoom
Low German poetry and music

CD Album 2019

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Duo Contrario: Scottish Bagpipes, Pipe Organ, Tin Whistle, Percussion

CD Album 2000

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Eaton, Bartmann, Chapman: Scottish Bagpipes and Pipe Organ

CD Album 2012 (Original: LP 1988)

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Herbert Bartmann: ruusmusik
Words and Music from Frisia

CD Album 2010

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Herbert Bartmann: Bismarckleed

Digital Single 2022 | Video

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Wesse: Waterland

Digital Single 2020 | Video